Laika Ride - Full ride sharing solution : installation & source code with documentation

Our Uber like app package delivers you a taxi booking app which will boost you ahead in the competitive market. We provide you a customisable source code script for iOS, Web and Android for your customers and drivers. In just 7 days, we will give you a ready-to-use technically advanced yet user-friendly Uber like app package, white-labelled with your brand name and logo in a language and currency of your choice. What’s more? We also launch iOS and Android native apps for your customers and drivers and get your apps approved and upload them on iOS AppStore and Android Play store. You can use our complete taxi booking app solution to kick start your business. As an admin, you will have complete power over the functioning of your business at your fingertips and can use data derived from the app to plan future business moves.

Algorithm we use

Customer will select the service and system algorithmically matches by sending requests to the list of service providers. E.g. A user requests a ride which is sent to the nearest available service provider or highest rated or any other pre-defined criterion. Once the requested is accepted by your partner, the customer receives the details about the ETA.

Also called Double Commit Model, where a user can fill certain details and request for services. Buyers will be presented with a list of drivers with their profile history, their quote and the estimated time of arrival. They can interact with the service provider to choose the one best suited for their requirements. Service providers can accept/reject a request from the buyer.

What do we offer in our Uber like app development for Taxi Business?

Passenger App Features

A feature-rich Passenger App designed from our smart clone script provides seamless services to your riders without any glitches and hitches.

  • Payment Modes

    Our Stripe Payment Gateway lets your users make payments right away via their credit or debit cards.

  • Scheduled Rides

    Passengers can book rides for a later time and the notifications will be sent automatically to the drivers.

  • Promo Codes

    Users can use special promo codes during rides and share them with their friends & family. This feature helps bring virality to the app.

Uber Clone Passenger App
  • Push Notifications

    Integrating this vital feature during the development of the taxi app like Uber ensures users receive alerts about the driver’s location, trip fares, and other relevant information.

  • Estimated Time of Arrival

    With the help of the ETA feature, users can know the exact time the driver will take to arrive at their location (for pickup).

  • Ride History

    Passengers can view their ride history and keep a track of all the rides they had previously made.

Free Features

Live Ride Tracking

The in-built GPS allows your customers to track their ride and share the ride details with their friends & family.


This feature allows your users to rate the service & the driver. They can also provide additional feedback about their ride.

Smart Digital Wallet

Users can sync their bank account with their dedicated wallets and make direct payments from the app.


The app lets users register using their contact information such as email & phone number, or via their social media accounts.

Vehicle Selection

Users have the liberty to choose the type of vehicle as per their need such as an SUV, Sedan, mini-van and so on.

Fare Estimation

The app generates the estimated cost of the trip which enables users to plan their rides accordingly.

Talk To Your Driver

Users can contact their drivers and resolve their queries through the in-built calling feature.

Ride Cancellation

Users can cancel the trip before or after they are matched with the driver and a cancellation fee may be collected as per service provider’s discretion.

Desired Location

LaikaRide’s unique taxi app development solution allows users to add their workplace or home as their desired locations and change them as per their convenience.

Profile creation

Users can create their profile with details such as name, location, phone number, display picture, and more.

Social media integration

Users can sign up using Facebook, Google+ and others without having to create or register with a separate mail id or phone number.

Trip Verification

Once the trip is confirmed, the riders receive verification of the same by both text message and mail.

Trip Sharing

Female passengers can share their ride details with family and friends for safety reasons.

Favourite Driver

Passengers can make note of their favourite drivers so that the algorithm assigns partners automatically.

Stop Over Points

Helps passengers to stop the car at various locations with a waiting fee for each stop.

Tips to the Driver

Passengers can add tips to the drivers which are non-taxable and the company won’t charge commission.

Set your Preferred Languages

Passengers can select the language of their choice from the available list and can use the app in a language of their choice.

View Drivers Info

Passengers can view individual driver information such as name, experience, profile Before booking a ride.

Driver App Features

The Driver App is a vital part of the platform. As the leading clone app development company, we integrate the features into the Uber like app skillfully for seamless performance.

  • Registration

    Drivers can register using their contact information or via their social media account as per service providers/admins discretion.

  • Social media login

    Drivers can sign up using Facebook, Instagram, and others without having to create or use separate email id and phone number.

  • Toggle driver’s availability

    A highly sought after feature; drivers can update their availability as per their discretion via the app.

Uber Clone Driver App
  • Surge Pricing

    Drivers can check the locations where surge pricing is active and plan their trips accordingly through the app.

  • Earnings Tab

    The feature let drivers keep track of their earnings every day. Drivers can use the earnings information for future reference.

  • Transaction History

    Drivers can keep account of all the rides they have previously made. They can view details such as trip fares, ride dates, pickup location, destination, and much more.

Free Features

Profile Creation

Drivers can create and manage their profile with details such as name, address, contact number, display picture, and more.

Cancel Trip

Drivers can cancel their trip and furnish valid reasons like wrong address, unable to contact the rider and other causes.

In-call Feature

With LaikaRide’s taxi booking software, drivers can make calls to their customers for trip clarifications with regard to user location or others through the app.

Live Navigation

Drivers easily locate customers location and discover the fastest route to reach them on-time.

Document Verification

Drivers can upload their documents and get them verified via the app. The documents will be based on admin/service providers’ discretion.

Trip Requests

Post document verification, drivers will receive trip requests with details such as user name, pick-up location, destination, and others via the app.

Desired Vehicle Option

Drivers can choose the type of vehicle including SUV, Sedan or others they would be driving and update the admin accordingly.

Alerts on Ride Requests

Drivers will receive ride requests with information such as service seeker name, pickup location, destination, and others. Drivers can accept/reject the request as per discretion.

SOS Button

The in-built SOS feature, when activated by the driver, sends alert to the service providers help & support team, and drivers family & friends instantly.

Rate Customers

Like customers, drivers can also rate customers after successfully completing each ride.

Multiple Car Category

Drivers can accept rides from any user even if they opt for the different car category to increase the number of rides.

Set Preferred Currency

Drivers can set their preferred currency as per convenience to notify the customers before payment.

Heat View in Drivers App

Using the map, the drivers can where the riders are waiting for the service at different locations.

Admin Panel Features

The process of taxi app like Uber development does not limit with only the rider and driver apps. The admin panel is also a crucial part of the main module of a taxi booking app. With a robust Admin panel, the service provider can track and control both the Passenger App and the Driver App with ease.

  • Driver Verification

    The admin can check the credibility of the driver once the requested documents have been uploaded.

  • Document Verification

    Admins can cross-check the documents uploaded by the driver as per the company standards.

  • Trip Report

    Information about the trips including the count, duration, receipt, drivers, users and so on will be available to the admin through LaikaRide’s taxi booking app.

Uber Clone Admin Panel
  • Sub-Admins

    The admin can appoint sub-admins that will allow them to manage certain or all operations of the app during their absence.

  • Earnings Report

    Provides a detailed report about the drivers' earnings and the commission to be received by the admin.

  • Payment Details

    The admin has the credentials to view payments of all sorts including cash, card, and other modes.

More Features

SEO settings

Admin can manage entire SEO settings of the application to ensure the app is marketed among the users in an effective way.

Assign Driver

Admin can assign a driver for the incoming requests from the user based on the location of user and availability.

Export Information & Data for your MIS

Admin can export the information about riders, drivers and ride details into Excel sheet/CSV format.

Advanced Statistics & Analytics

Advanced statistics and analytics will help admin to plan an strategize the current business plan.

Dispatcher Panel Features

Our clone app development solutions offer a stellar dispatcher panel that is designed to assign, dispatch, and track drivers seamlessly.

  • Registration

    Dispatchers can register using their contact information or via their social media accounts as per admin's discretion.

  • Social media login

    Dispatchers can sign up using Facebook, Instagram or others without having to create a separate email id or phone number.

  • Trips Tracking

    Dispatcher maintains the details regarding all the trips made by the riders & drivers and uses them for future reference.

 Uber Clone Dispatcher Panel
  • Managing Requests

    The dispatcher can manage the riders’ requests such as pick up, ride destination, track payments and so on.

  • Profile Creation

    Dispatchers can create and manage their profile with details like name, address, contact number, picture and so on.

  • Reviews & Feedback

    Dispatchers can view the reviews and feedback given by the users (drivers & riders) and take the necessary steps for the betterment of service.

Benefits of our Uber like app clone Development Solution?

While we concentrate on your app development needs, we assist you with planning stellar strategies that take your business from ideation to one of the most downloaded apps on both Google Play and App store

  • 100% Customizable
  • Top-notch features
  • Adept Developers
  • Cutting-edge development solutions
  • Installation & Source Code with Doc.
  • Easy to deploy and highly scalable
Uber Clone Application

Range Of Technologies Supporting Our Uber App Clone Product

We use iOS Swift Technology by Apple to design and develop our iOS applications. Xcode is our integrated development environment.
Our Android applications are built on high-end protocol such as Native Java Technology authored by Google. Android studio is our IDE.
Our adept app developers build a pixel perfect UI that is both easy to use and highly interactive.
Our Uber App Clone web panels are backed by highly sophisticated PHP.
Designed to seamlessly function on the popular servers like Linux, AWS cloud server, and Shared server.
For location and navigation ease, our applications are integrated with Google maps API.

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